This blog would mainly cover programming tutorials, tips,  tricks and hacks. But while I am at it,  I intend to post about other stuff I am highly curious about i.e. everything.

Curiosity kills for sure, but most often than not it also entertains.

I am a software engineer with considerable experience in mobile applications and webservices. I primarily am concerned with android and aspnet.

This blog would be different then your conventional “I am not able to pan the screen when my soft keyboard opens ” kinda blog.  Everything on this blog would hopefully be an origon story. About why a certain thing is like it is and what purpose does it serve in the larger scheme of things.  Additionally ofcourse I would be delighted to help you guys get around a problem.

Consider this place to be your prerequisite to stackoverflow.  To be fair,  us developers have killed our skills by just ctrl c’ing and p’ing from stackoverflow. A little background about the situation before we storm SO with multiple queries is how we would rekindle our problem solving centers. Though i completely understand why. We these days operate under strict time constraints and our superiors have absolutely no regard for quality. The few who luck out are those involved in startups or the highly curious kind.

This blog aims to teach and challenge what you already know and in what you wish to reassess


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